About Us


Shopabbi is a clothe store system in

the United States with factories in California, Luxembourg, and China.

It was formed in early 2018 as the brainchild of a bunch of artists with

a passion for limited edition customized apparel. We create new

creative designs within 24 hours. After you choose the design, style,

color, and size. Just a few steps, you will own your favorite shirts

with a unique design.

Use the search form or navigation to browse through selected topics to find a product that makes you say, “Yes, that’s me! I’m me”


If you ever have problems with your order, we'll do everything we can to make it right. We aim to treat you like family. We know we’re in business because of you.

Bring the highest quality products with the lowest prices to customers.

Also, We create the best sports and pop culture-themed apparel on the internet.

Our finished goods are always just available after your order. They are customized and printed based on your requirements. It usually takes us from 1 to 2 days to make a product and it will be sent to you in the shortest time.

We take our business very seriously and our customers are extremely important to us. To find out more about Shopabbi and to read some Frequently Asked Questions, please go to our service section, or you can always contact us using our contact page. (give us some time to get back to you; be nice – nice people always get answered first).